Amit Sharma

I am excited to write this testimonial about my weight loss journey & formation of healthy habits !
I was about 83 Kgs 4 months back & my annual check-up showed my HbA1c report as 6.6 which showed start of diabetes. I have to reduce weight as suggested by doctor but I was not confident as per my busy corporate work life, travels & sweet tooth. I thought I have to give up foods I like & do fasting or need to eat only supplements. Then I came in contact of Meenu ji & she convinced me to go for a rigorous diet plan without compromising any meals, starvation and any drastic change in foods.
I lost 10 kgs in 4 months by following the diet recommendations, exercise & supplements suggestions alongside my busy work schedule.
Moreover, I formed good habits of selecting healthy options while eating outside, limit portion size & daily
walk schedule. There was close monitoring by Dietitian, making me accountable to report my weight & daily intakes like a coach ! . The diet plans were aligned as per my food taste & diabetic profile so easy to prepare & manage…lot of flexibility was there to change things !
My sweet craving vanished, I felt light & more energetic than before…. I couldn’t belief myself having achieved it. My HbA1c improved to 6.1 after the course to pre-diabetic range.
It was amazing feeling to achieve it.
I really thank from bottom of my heart to Meenu ji and Sanjana for their continuous guidance, support & monitoring to make it happen !
I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for weight loss the healthy way & diabetes reversal, to go for a course after consultation with Meenu ji and have real benefit !

Amit Sharma

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Anoop T M

I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the
exceptional guidance and support provided to me by Food N Wellness – Meenu Madam and
Shampa Madam. I have had the pleasure of working with them for several months now, and
the positive impact on my health and well-being has been truly remarkable.
From the very first consultation, Meenu Madam and Shampa Madam displayed a remarkable
level of professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for my individual needs. They took the
time to thoroughly understand my goals, dietary preferences, and any health concerns I had.
This personalized approach made me feel valued as a client and gave me the confidence that I
was in capable hands.
What sets Food N Wellness apart is their ability to translate complex nutritional information
into practical and easily understandable advice. Meenu Madam and Shampa Madam has an
exceptional talent for breaking down intricate concepts and tailoring them to my specific
circumstances. They made sure that I fully understood the reasoning behind the
recommended dietary changes, which empowered me to make informed choices and commit
to a healthier lifestyle.
Throughout my journey, they consistently provided unwavering support and encouragement.
They have an exceptional ability to inspire and motivate, making every interaction a source
of positivity and inspiration.
Thanks to their guidance, I have experienced a transformative change in my overall health
and well-being. Not only have I achieved my weight loss goals, diabetic and fitness levels,
but I have also noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels, digestion, and overall
mood. The personalized meal plans and tailored nutritional advice provided by them have
become an integral part of my daily routine, and I continue to reap the benefits long after our
sessions have ended.
Furthermore, my dieticians went above and beyond by equipping me with valuable tools and
resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle independently. They provided me with delicious and
nutritious recipes, and practical tips for eating out and managing social situations. Meenu
Madam and Shampa Madam truly understands that sustainable change goes beyond a
temporary diet plan and aims to empower clients with the knowledge and skills to make
lasting improvements.
I would highly recommend this team to anyone who is looking to improve their health and
well-being. They are true professionals who is dedicated to helping her clients reach their


Sumeet Periwal

I have been working with my nutritionist for the past six months, and the results have been amazing. Not only have I lost weight, but I have also gained a greater understanding of how to nourish my body and make healthier choices on a daily basis. My nutritionist took the time to understand my goals and preferences, and created a customized meal plan that was both sustainable and enjoyable. They also provided me with valuable education about nutrition, which has helped me make informed decisions about what to eat. I am so grateful for the support and guidance of my nutritionist, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

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Mansi Roy

For a significant portion of my life, my hurdles included mutiple health problems. These included stubborn high body weight, deficiencies in Vitamin D, low ferritin, high blood pressure, and some scarily high blood sugar too. Life felt mean for a long time. I felt like I was stuck that way forever. I was lucky to have come across the Food and Wellness page and decided to give it one more shot. I met with Doctor Meenu Agarwal, provided to her the necessary information concerning my current routines and blood work. Shortly, she came up with careful charted yet effective diet plans and lifestyle suggestions for me to try and follow. Initially, I didn’t like significant changes but as I followed what was provided, the positive changes to how I felt physically and mentally were evident. My weight, blood pressure, and other parameters tredged towards healthy levels. Today, whenever any issues reappear, I am always confident in Dt madam  Meenu’s suggestions and plans given the results whenever I followed them. I am delighted to know the Food and Wellness team including dt. Banhishikha Roy. and am thankful to  All of them, for I am much healthier today thanks to their support from the beginning to the end.

Balkishan Choudhary

I like to share my weightloss journey with Food N Wellness. I lost around 4Kgs in a 3-month group weight loss program. This group weightloss program not only helped to losse my weight but best thing is I came to know the right food to be had at right time.

The beautiful thing with Food N Wellness is they are easy going with your available day today food & they teach you how to intake the same and at what time.

My 3 months journey was beautiful with Food N Wellness.

Thanks to the team & Meenu ma’am.

Anushka Nerukar | 20 | Student | Singapore

It was a pleasure to work with Dt Meenu and Dt Mubarra! When I first approached Dt Meenu, I was at the last stretch of my weight loss journey. With their help, I was able to reach my goal weight in three months 😊.

I was also confused as to how to maintain a weight loss of 40kgs yet also slowly return back to a normal, balanced lifestyle. Both of them helped me understand and practice healthy eating habits, adequate exercise and a proper sleeping pattern. They patiently educated me on how different foods have different effects on the body and curated personalized  diet plans for me such that I get the right nutrition and fuel on a day-to-day basis. With their careful supervision and their consistent checking-up on me, I was able to stay on track and now I’m more confident and prepared to take these learnings with me into the future. Thank you once again ☺️!

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Simran Badani | Female | Singapore

I was struggling to lose weight even after having tried many different approaches. I decided to enrol in a 3 month program with Meenu ma’am and I am very pleased with the experience. The diet prescribed to me helped me to lose weight steadily and boost my energy levels.

I also learnt how to eat mindfully. Meenu ma’am gave me suggestions on how to pick healthier food options when eating out. I am glad that myself control has improved. The diet plan was also tailored according to my needs.

Meenu ma’am also guided me on the lifestyle changes that I need to make such as sleeping on time and trying to stay as active as possible.

I am very grateful that I enrolled in this program and definitely recommend anyone who is struggling to lose weight to enrol.

Remya Santhosh | Female | Ghana | Africa

Remya’s Journey to Weight loss and Better Health

I am Remya Santhosh and I stay at Accra, Ghana for the last four and a half years. I was always a connoisseur of food and loved eating various kind of junk and high carb foods. Eventually I started suffering from PCOD and Obesity issues. While I experimented with various other dieting options including keto diet, I found the results getting reversed quickly and the habits not sustaining due to the food choices not appealing to the palate.

I was suggested to approach Dr Meenu Agarwal by one of my friends. At first, I was reluctant because I by then I had almost reached a conclusion that dieting means starving without food and was not sure that it would help to reduce my weight. I had tried exercising regularly but was not getting desired results with that. Finally, I decided to have a online call with Dr Meenu Agarwal just to have a casual discussion. But I feel that was the best decision in my life till date.

In the call Dr Meenu explained very clearly the need to follow a diet and broke my superstition that dieting means starving. She also explained that a major reason for my PCOD issue was the regular intake of junk food. After the call I was convinced that this would work and started following the diet meticulously. Dr Meenu and her team stayed in touch regularly and guided me all along. I could openly discuss with the team regarding all regarding the new diet routine. I was happy to see that the food options mentioned were all like our regular diet and hence I never felt deprived. More encouraging was the start of steady reduction in body weight. The consistent reduction in body weight when I reported every morning was very joyful. I also found tremendous improvement in my PCOD status and subsequently got fully recovered.

I would strongly recommend her to anyone who feels a strong desire to reduce their weight, get in better shape and become healthy in a sustainable way.

Amisha Neogi | Singapore

I am truly grateful to FoodNWellness and especially to Meenu Agarwal, who has been an instrumental force in my post-breast cancer treatment journey. Meenu’s expertise in nutrition and weight management has been an invaluable asset to me as I navigate through the challenges of cancer recovery.

After completing my treatment, I was determined to take control of my health and wellbeing. However, the weight gain caused by my treatment was making it difficult for me to achieve my goals. That’s when I decided to seek Meenu’s guidance.

Meenu is an exceptional nutritionist who combines her scientific knowledge with a compassionate approach to her clients. She understood my unique health needs and created a personalized nutrition and weight management plan that was tailored to my body’s requirements.

Meenu’s support and guidance were crucial to my journey. She was always available to answer my questions, provide motivation, and encourage me to stay committed to my goals. Her expertise in nutrition and weight management was evident, as I started to see tangible results in just a few weeks.

I cannot thank Meenu and the team at FoodNWellness enough for their support and guidance during my weight loss journey. Meenu’s expertise and compassionate approach helped me overcome the challenges of my treatment and empowered me to take control of my health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Meenu and FoodNWellness to anyone looking for expert guidance and support on their journey towards optimal health.

Jai Kumar | Male | 41 | Singapore

I have been a sportsman since young, But recent years of bad food habits coupled with  a sports injury contributed to gradual increase in body weight. The weight gain reached a tipping point when the scale read 3 digits and my blood results were bad.

I began this journey with Meenu and Mubarra for about 10 months and gradually shredded close to 18Kgs.

The plan is carefully catered for the individual. This is not a short term solution but a journey to make minute life style adjustments.

It helps to clean your food habits and inculcates the importance of eating clean and healthy and the results speaks for itself.

Meenu and Mubarra have been immensely helpful and encouraged me every step of this wonderful journey.

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